Let Us Guide You
What sets us apart from other college admissions professionals is that we work one-on-one with our client families to provide a personalized and supportive college admissions experience. We require that each student complete all aspects of his or her own college application process. Our approach encourages college readiness, independence and self-advocacy.
You can expect that North Star Educational and Career Consultants will:
  • Assess your higher educational goals and objectives
  • Identify areas where support is needed
  • Develop a customized plan and timeline for college selection, application completion and application submission
  • Provide guidance, expertise and support in partnership with your high school staff and other support networks
  • Respect your rights and responsibilities relative to the college admissions process
  • Help families identify financial aid resources
Benefits to Families:
Personalized Admissions Counseling - Access to an experienced professional focused solely on your needs, interests, personality and goals
Peace of Mind – Minimize the stress associated with the college application process
Objectivity - A third party to help bridge the parents’ goals with the student’s needs and aspirations
Flexible Accessibility – College admission services available in person, via the internet, email and mobile communication
Free 30 Minute Assessment – An opportunity to briefly meet with a consultant to determine how our services match your needs before making a financial commitment
Benefits to Businesses and Community Organizations:
Quality Workshops - College and career preparation workshops and advising options for employees
Family Friendly - Value added benefit opportunity with minimal per employee investment
Practical Educational Programs - Interactive workshops that fit well within community relations and outreach initiatives

Financial Investment
North Star offers a variety of services to meet the needs of families, businesses, and organizations. Your financial investment will be determined by the length and scope of services selected. Fees and payment options can be customized to meet your needs and will be established at the time of contract.
About Us

Camille McGadney

Camille McGadney began her career as a wilderness school instructor utilizing experiential learning strategies to promote positive self-esteem and develop leadership skills among teens from diverse backgrounds. Since that time, she has provided career coaching to college students at the university level and within an international career development organization. In addition to private consulting, Camille continues to provide career counseling and coaching at the college level. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Wesleyan University.

Claudia Mosley

Claudia Mosley completed her studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she received both a Master of Science degree in Educational Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Afro-American Studies.

Formerly Interim Assistant Dean for Teacher Education at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside , her diverse range of experience includes pre-college advising, guidance counseling, college level academic advising and student service administration.